The Patel Residence on Lake Martin

Custom architectural design

Designs in Progress_6


The Patel project allowed us to create a unique look for Lake Martin. Our client requested a three-story glass elevator and a large two-story entry. So our design led us to create a “Signature Entry” with a glass elevator. We designed a glass elevator shaft with a minimum stainless steel structure for unobstructed views. When entering the home, the two-story entry allows for incredible views up to cedar beamed & wood ceiling that continues with a view all the way thru the family room to Kowaliga Bridge. It also allows you to look down the stair and elevator shaft to the basement living space below, with an incredible bar & den to pool access.
We added another dramatic design element, an open beamed stair that wraps around a glass elevator shaft for three-story clear views, supported with steel beams to not wall off any views. The entry side, glass wall beyond the open stair, showers the stair & glass elevator with natural light. The vertical wood walls add another stunning visual effect to this “Signature Entry” for the Patel’s lake home.


  • Location: Lake Martin, AL
  • Neighborhood: The Ridge
  • Service(s): Architectural Design
  • Client: The Patels